The 7 Best Fitness Tracker With Heart Rate Monitor in 2020

by Richard
best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor

When the world first turned towards smart technology, there were some really serious concerns over how people will become so engrossed in this new technology that they might not care much about their well-being. This concern wasn’t just limited to those ‘boomer cartoons’ you see in some newspapers either. The good news is that smart technology actually ended up making it easier for people to stay fit as well. In fact, on this page, we’ll talk about the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor and how you can find one for yourself.

Top 7 Best Fitness Tracker With Heart Rate Monitor in ​​2020

What is a Fitness Tracker?

By now you’ve heard about fitness trackers from a lot of your friends. Some people confuse fitness trackers with smartwatches so if you’re wondering if they’re the same thing or not, then that’s totally normal. Basically, not all fitness trackers are smartwatches but most smartwatches have fitness tracking features built into them – make sense? Some fitness tracking wrist bands like the Fitbit and Mi Band are made just to help you monitor your health and activity and they can tell the time, but smartwatches with fitness tracking have a bunch of other cool features like letting you check your emails, control your phone and play your music.

What Can You Do With a Fitness Tracker?

In the very start, we weren’t very sure about how effective fitness trackers could even be but by now, it’s safe to say that these devices have served their purpose incredibly well. It’s not like you can’t get fit without having one of these but if you do have one, you can quantify your activities and adjust your calorie intake accordingly. In fact, all the data your fitness tracker gathers from your day is synced with an app on your phone that breaks it all down for you. You just have to let it know your weight, height and some other information regarding your current physique and activity level and your goals. It’ll just work with those numbers and help you stay on track. They don’t call it fitness tracker for nothing, you know!

How Important is a Heart Rate Monitor?

Again, your fitness tracker is as effective as its ability to gather data from your body throughout the day. If you’re trying to lose weight, then you’ll have to go for runs one way or the other. You could be at home using a treadmill while watching a movie or you could go out and have a jog/run in fresh air. The whole point of cardio is to get your heart pumping blood to your body faster, thereby gradually increasing your stamina and burning a lot of calories in the process. Thanks to the fact that you can now wear heart rate monitors around your wrists, your cardio training can be more effective than ever. On the other hand, if you’re a person who suffers from heart problems or high blood pressure, having a heart rate monitor on your wrist around the clock can even save your life. This is why if you’re looking for a fitness tracker, make sure to get one that has a heart rate monitor, just counting your steps isn’t good enough.

Things to Consider When Buying a Fitness Tracker

Now that you know what a fitness tracker is exactly and why it’s so useful to have one, let’s look at a bunch of features you should make sure that your fitness tracker has. The specs speak for themselves so we’re not going to throw a bunch of options at you, instead we’ll tell you about what you should make sure you’re getting when you buy your own fitness tracker so it serves you for a long time, be it smart watch or dedicated fitness band.

Make Sure It’s Water Proof

Even if you have no plans of going swimming as a part of your fitness routine, you really ought to make sure that you’re buying a fitness tracker that has an IP rating. Your fitness tracker will be your buddy in the gym, while you go jogging and when you’re out and about in the day. There’s a high likelihood of you getting it wet at some point or the other and the last thing you need is to be constantly worried about you ruining your precious wrist accessory.

Sleep Tracking is a Miracle

Making sure that you’re active and getting enough exercise is great and will help you reach your fitness goals but if you aren’t getting high-quality sleep for a sufficient time, you’re going to do yourself more harm than good. Sleep tracking allows your fitness wear to monitor your sleep to see if you’re getting enough REM sleep in the night after all of your activities. REM sleep is that period of your night’s rest when your body secretes growth hormones, which you absolutely need to repair and grow your muscles.

GPS Connection

Fitness trackers that are GPS enabled can measure the distance you’ve traveled in a day and can monitor the routes you take as part of your commutes. This information can help you plan your day and be alerted of any changes you need to make to your route during the day. Through GPS you can track the amount you run a lot more accurately than a footstep counter which can be wildly inaccurate since it’s only counting the number of bumps it feels in your pockets.

A Reliable Battery Life

The only reason we’d ever recommend a dedicated fitness tracker instead of a smartwatch is because of the battery life. If you’re serious about your exercise, then you need your fitness tracker ready for action at all times. Smartwatches are just as capable but due to their larger screens and smart features, they don’t have batteries that can go for days on a single charge.

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