On the path to reduce my suffering

Pain woke me up

Happiness is when … what you think , what you say and what you do are in Harmony

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls, the most massive characters are seared with scars

~ kahlil Gibran


My life has always been a roller coaster with major highs and lows and not necessarily in that order! Honestly, I remember being at the bottom more than anything else. Maybe because it just hurts more and I remember it better. Getting hurt I think is part of the human experience, it has taught me a lot about my attachments and how to overcome them. Nothing is permanent is what life has taught me; That, everything is constantly changing. I think that is our universe’s promise. By accepting change, comfort zone goes out and by accepting change you are on your path to a more flexible mind. Below is a quick list of the things that helped me with that mental journey

Journaling is a must

journaling thoughts helps you clear your mind

Journaling is the beginning of your spiritual and mental journey. There are so many articles on the importance of journaling for example Powers of Journaling, orThe Therapeutics Effects of Journaling. I can’t emphasize how important journaling is, as it sets you free from the thoughts that trouble you and you can save the thoughts that make you happy. But there is one trick about journaling that no one talks about: A retrospective study of your journal

See, often times we write our thoughts down but we never go back to check them. Life is lived forward but can only be understood backwards. Every week or month you have the opportunity to go back and check your thoughts, they will tell you why you are where you are now and if that is aligned with your goals and passions.

Meditation is a must

meditation clears the mind and connects your inner worldMy life started to majorly shift after one of my mentors made me a CD with 3 guided meditations. I made an effort to add them to my daily routines. I would meditate right after waking up in the morning and before going to bed at night. I started to get deeper and deeper inside to the point where everything else on the outside was put on slow motion. Those meditations helped me fall down into my centers. They helped me become an observer and to find myself. Finding myself was by far the biggest gift of my life, it has helped me not get frustrated, not get angry and cope better with unexpected situations.

I still meditate every day and I have put together a meditation myself, you can find it here: A powerful meditation technique; Every meditation starts with the breath yet breath is heavily unnoticed. If you like to learn more about the breath, I have a few thoughts here: Universe and Breathing and Resonance and Breathing

A supportive network is a must

supportive network helps you healMy healing process took a while and I think part of the reason was not having a supportive network. Yes, parents and friends are helpful, but fear of judgment and stigma prevents you from fully expressing yourself. Plus, they might not always support you. I know my parents would just say “WHY?!!”, “pick yourself up and get better,don’t be weak!”. Umm …. that doesn’t help!!

Whether you are suffering or not, whether you are happy or sad, depressed or not, you need a supportive network. There is no other way. You need a community that supports you, understands you, stands behind you and helps you overcome the obstacles.

You need a network that sends you “you are not alone” signal when you need it. Give you hope when you least expect it and push you to move forward. A network that is open to you, fully expressing yourself.

Helping others is a must

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

helping others make you feel betterWhat a beautiful journey this is. Losing yourself to the music of helping others. I learned about this later in life but I am happy I eventually did. From volunteering at Foodbanks, helping organize medical supplies at MedShare, to just straight up cooking for homeless people, I learned one thing; You are not actually helping others, you are helping yourself. When you help others, it is so easy to think that you are superior, others need you and that you are doing them a favor. This is ego playing at it’s best!

If we go with Rumi’s separation concept, that we, humans,  are all hurting because we are separated from each other, helping others will reconstruct those missing links one at a time. It helps you realize that we all belong to a bigger network and that making others happy will make you happier in return.

Show a stranger compassion today 🙂