need advice? i'm here for you


i tell myself i don't need anyone but the truth is, they don't need me.
Mood: sad, Intensity: 5
need advice? i'm here for you
Mood: sad, Intensity: 3
does anyone need advice?
Mood: sad, Intensity: 2
does anyone want to talk or need advice?
Mood: mad, Intensity: 2
i need advice: how do you get over a guy you were practically dating?
Mood: sad, Intensity: 3
i need someone's sex advice please!!!
Mood: happy, Intensity: 4
i'm here to chat and give advice for those who need it!
Mood: sad, Intensity: 4
if anyone needs advice i'm here for you. :)
Mood: sad, Intensity: 4
i'm a really bad procrastinator anyone has any tips/help?
Mood: happy, Intensity: 5
i really need to learn how to manage my anger. it has gotten worse over the years. any advice?
Mood: sad, Intensity: 2
can someone give me advice?
Mood: neutral, Intensity: 4
need some words of advice to motivate myself to go back to the gym
Mood: nervous, Intensity: 3
i'm very distant yet i can be clingy. lonely but i don't need anyone else.
Mood: peaceful, Intensity: 3
i want sum hlp n advice too??
Mood: sad, Intensity: 1
anyone have tips on how to cum more
Mood: peaceful, Intensity: 5
i'm here for people who need it
Mood: happy, Intensity: 1