How To Live A Life Without Regrets

Everyday, we tend to think back on the times where we have made a mistake or we dwell on something that clearly is not worth thinking about.  This habit of ours constantly clutters our brains and distracts us from progressing forward in our lives.  That being said, here are some tips as to how you can live a life without regrets.


Write Down Your Problems

Journaling is an essential exercise to help release stress and to put the whole body at ease.  As you are writing down your thoughts, you subconsciously find out things about yourself that you would not have otherwise.  Subsequently, you are able to discover a solution to the problem that had troubled you.  In addition, journaling will allow you to recognize your improvement over time. Therefore, it will give you more motivation to keep growing.  You will also be able to look back at your past experiences and reassure yourself to not go through the same situation again.


Surround Yourself With People Who Understand You

Being around people you feel most lively with will allow you focus on the present moment and enjoy it while it lasts.  As you talk to these similar minded people, they will distract you from your distress.  Throughout your discussion, share your thoughts to them and ask for their advice.  The more you speak to them, the quicker your feelings of regret will vanish.  In return, listen to what those people have to say.  As a result, it will create a strong relationship.  While you are with these people, you will feel as though you are not alone and always have someone to listen your thoughts.


Explore Something That Intrigues You

Everyone has a passion for something.  Once you identify what that something is for you, then get involved with it.  If it is learning how to play the guitar, do not hesitate to go take lessons or attend local acoustic nights.  Similarly to surrounding yourself with people who are like you, going in-depth with something that interests you will take your mind off from your regrets.  It will prevent you from thinking about regretful moments in your life as well as future regrets.  While pursuing something that you love, you will spend all your energy and effort into performing your best.  Also, your attention will naturally focus on the positive aspects and will put the negative things aside.


Show Gratitude

Take a look around you and be thankful for everything that has happened in your life.  The experiences, the people or even the places you have visited; they have all contributed to making your life complete.  Whenever you show a sense of gratitude, it does not only spread happiness to the others around you, but also to yourself.  If you always feel appreciative about the things around you, you will not remind yourself of the past decisions you were not content about.



The key to living a life without regrets is to maintain an open and positive mind.  Whether it is approaching something new, or improving an activity that already exists in your life, it is crucial to retain that sense of enthusiasm.  In return, you will feel incredibly revived and motivated to move forward and do greater things in life.