i don't think he feels the same way


what's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done
Mood: sad, Intensity: 2
i don't think he feels the same way
Mood: nervous, Intensity: 3
just do the thing, it always feels better when you do.
Mood: neutral, Intensity: 1
the similar minds thing is useless.
Mood: happy, Intensity: 2
for doing the right thing, you get shit
Mood: nervous, Intensity: 5
just don't think i'm good enough
Mood: neutral, Intensity: 2
no matter how much the truth hurts, it's always better than being lied to.
Mood: mad, Intensity: 1
no matter who you are you are always considered a weirdo to sombody else.
Mood: neutral, Intensity: 2
it's always either you're over valued or under appreciated, never in between
Mood: sad, Intensity: 1
how do i find a way on to the dark web?
Mood: peaceful, Intensity: 4
tea makes everything better
Mood: mad, Intensity: 4
sometimes, i think so deep that my personality seems shallow
Mood: neutral, Intensity: 2
i'm always misunderstood and it's taking an emotional toll on me.
Mood: nervous, Intensity: 2
i think i might be addicted to smoking weed
Mood: sad, Intensity: 1
okay but like how do i approach her?
Mood: sad, Intensity: 2
"i still think we're twisted both the same
Mood: neutral, Intensity: 3
when it feels like you're drowning and can see everyone els breathing.
Mood: happy, Intensity: 4
ive took so many sphychedelics that nothings feels real anymore
Mood: neutral, Intensity: 3
tired and wondering and praying.
Mood: happy, Intensity: 1
i think meditation is beautiful
Mood: mad, Intensity: 2
what does business casual mean?
Mood: mad, Intensity: 5