How to Gain Control of Your Thoughts

One of the biggest fallacy’s of today’s world is that people are not being taught effective thought management. Many people become misinformed on what constitutes a thought and how to responsibly handle them. For example, a myth we have grown to accept is that we are at the mercy of our thoughts.  We were told that each and every thought we have is ours exclusively. These ideas couldn’t be farther from the truth. Firstly, the thoughts that come into our psyche we can choose to accept or not. We are not at the mercy of our thoughts but many people struggle with not letting thoughts affect them. Furthermore, it is important to understand that no thoughts are truly “ours.” Thoughts are merely energy that flows freely and comes into contact with vessels to cultivate its magic. Thoughts only feel like ours once we emotionally respond to its suggestions. If we think of something disappointing, we become sad, if we think of something fun, we become happy. Could you imagine choosing only the thoughts that uplift our soul and push towards our goals?

In order to control your thoughts you must establish roles and responsibilities. You are the supervisor and your thoughts are merely children to attend to. Just like children, they may become out of control but you are the authority in this relationship. Often time, we find two opposing viewpoints in our mind: a voice that tries to pull us down and one that tries to lift us up. Rather than looking at them as two different entities, you must merge them as one. You must remember that because you are the authority, it is mandatory that these two personalities become the best of friends. Shut down the arguments and come to a compromise. Lastly, do your best to replace every negative thought with a positive one to balance out the spectrum. Exhale the negativity and breathe in the positivity. In brief, thoughts gain power from your emotions, so control the response you are giving them. This involves a lot of visualization and practice, but if it was easy everyone would do it! Start out small but dream big! Soon enough, you will be the captain of your thought patterns and develop a rhythm that is best for your spiritual health.