hope everyone has a good day


the choice to make your day better or worse is in your hands..
Mood: sad, Intensity: 1
hoping this'll be a good day. let's see what'll happen..
Mood: neutral, Intensity: 3
hope everyone has a good day. hope i do, too. : )
Mood: happy, Intensity: 2
i always thought you'd come back tell me all you found was heartbreak and misery.. ~
Mood: sad, Intensity: 4
i realized anything is possible, that anyone's capable.. and all i needed to do was go out there and do it
Mood: neutral, Intensity: 1
isn't there another chance for us to become stronger every day?
Mood: peaceful, Intensity: 3
ever been so sad and disappointed with the day that you didn't know what to do
Mood: mad, Intensity: 5
had a busy day today thank god
Mood: neutral, Intensity: 5
my good intentions always give me bad results.
Mood: sad, Intensity: 4
i hope you didn't od. i hope ur okay, i love you with all my heart.
Mood: nervous, Intensity: 1