Failure Is Not The End Of The World

even after failure, allow yourself be happy

A number of people constantly feel discouraged when they do not succeed at something they have worked exceedingly hard at and have given in a large chunk of their time into.  It is normal to feel that way, because after all, we are all just human and we have our limits.  It is the people who do not get incorporated in the midst of failure who are in fact, the real winners.

My Story

I’ve failed many times.  Whether it is receiving a poor grade on a test, using the incorrect words to communicate my message, or losing a competition in which I spent weeks to prepare, there is no doubt that my life is comprised of failures.

Recently, I decided to write up a business plan for a potential startup business to present in a business conference in high hopes of being able to stand on stage in front of an audience to obtain a plaque in recognition of my achievement. Weeks before the conference, I dedicated my weekends and any spare time I acquired, to refining the business plan.   I did not have prior experience with startups and to my disadvantage, I did not know what a business plan was at the time. However, once I read the guidelines to the event, I was quickly intrigued.

Coming into the competition, I was very nervous but also confident in the byproduct of my hard work.  As I waited for my turn to present, it felt as if time has sped up and made my heart race innumerably faster.  When I heard my name get called, I finally settled myself and calmly walked up to the judge. In a assertive posture, I greeted the judge with a firm handshake and took my seat.  In the short fifteen minutes, I presented my plan and was as the presentation came to an end, I was surely sanguine with my effort.

It was not until the day of the awards ceremony in which I came to a realization that my lack of experience with startups, resulted me in being let down by the outcome.  I did not receive a plague but it was that exact moment that I discerned my inabilities and identified what I needed to work on most.  Throughout the process of putting together the business plan, it gave me a wide glimpse of the whole startup world.  Even though I was upset about the consequence, I never at any point felt discouraged because I knew that this experience was just the start.  I knew that as long as I continue to learn, there will be countless opportunities ahead of me.

Failure is not the end of the world, so let it guide you onto the correct path.

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