eventually people realize i'm always right - one day everyone will realize i'm right


eventually people realize i'm always right - one day everyone will realize i'm right.
Mood: happy, Intensity: 1
never put them first, if you always come last. never give your all, if you only get half
Mood: neutral, Intensity: 4
i actually went on a run this morning. i made myself get up and go early before work. i feel great
Mood: nervous, Intensity: 4
i'm kind of starting to accept the fact that people will let you down and it's okay because i'll get back up. i'll learn from my mistakes.
Mood: nervous, Intensity: 1
listen ask for me if you ever feel my absence. if i was okay i'd always be talking you know that then why don't you ask?
Mood: peaceful, Intensity: 5
been having some really bad luck lately, trying to be positive but it's difficult when everything is going wrong
Mood: mad, Intensity: 1
i just had one of those conversations that you feel like they can last forever and it was so amazing i love moments like that
Mood: nervous, Intensity: 1
sometimes i wish last year never happened. i wouldn't be longing for you like i am right now. hmph.
Mood: neutral, Intensity: 4
you don't have to care what people think and think you don't need people, but to grow socially you do need people.
Mood: sad, Intensity: 2
saw my ex after a month and a half of being broken up. really loved being near him. don't know how he feels or what he wants.
Mood: nervous, Intensity: 1
started a new job today and i don't want to speak too soon, but it's less stressful than i thought it would be.
Mood: happy, Intensity: 4
anyone want to switch schools i don't want to go back to mine, i hate people.
Mood: neutral, Intensity: 3
i helped two people get togehter. but now i'm here, single, wondering when i'll find the right person. or if already have.
Mood: happy, Intensity: 3
and there will be someone that comes along one day and offers you the entire galaxy when you only expected a single planet.
Mood: mad, Intensity: 1
i thought i finally got over him. until i get a snapchat from him. all the memories come flooding back. i don't know what to do now.
Mood: peaceful, Intensity: 5
it's nice to finally be able to relax after a few tenseful days. we always have to think positive to be able to move on from our struggles.
Mood: nervous, Intensity: 5
is it important that one should be judged on what they've done in the past? or do people actually change for real?
Mood: mad, Intensity: 5
i'm going through a very rough time right now. especially dealing with my parents and general fallout from my issues
Mood: mad, Intensity: 4
another day passed away but i can't pass through the levels of the difficulty which life thrashes on me!
Mood: neutral, Intensity: 4
laying on your stomach is so comfortable at first until you do it for a few minutes and suddenly feel like your body is about to break
Mood: happy, Intensity: 1
to accomplish or to fail is determined by your level of commitment - how committed you are will determine how guaranteed you are to achieve something.
Mood: nervous, Intensity: 3
i know i must study every day for an hour. but i doesn't even study for a minute.. am i idiot??
Mood: neutral, Intensity: 2
this is my first happy post because my book got ranked 193/1000 on the website i write on fudkslsldkskw
Mood: sad, Intensity: 3