How To Deal With The End Of A Toxic Friendship

You’ve finally done it: after years of feeling berated and bad about yourself, constantly walking on eggshells afraid of what she’ll say, you’ve cut your toxic friend out of your life. Everyone’s been so supportive of your decision, knowing how much it will benefit your emotions and ability to live your life the way you want to. But instead of feeling happy and free, you’re plagued by feelings of guilt and loneliness. All you want to do is call her up and let her back into your life.

You’re not alone. It’s completely normal, after the end of a toxic friendship, to grieve the loss of your friend. After all, you’ve spent so much time together, even shared milestones together. It’s a heartbreaking time in your life?—?but you have to remember that this is what’s healthiest for you, and will make you happiest in the long-run.

By providing you with these tips, we hope we can make the process of letting go a little easier, so that before you know it you’ll be building a happier, healthier life for yourself.

Give yourself permission and time to grieve

If you find yourself scrolling through old Instagram pictures of you and your friend, bursting suddenly into tears in unexpected places, you might think something’s wrong with you. After all, you ended the friendship. But it’s important that you give yourself permission and time to grieve?—?it’s a natural part of the process of saying goodbye to someone who’s been such a big part of your life.

Write up a list of reasons why you ended the friendship

Especially now, it’s easy to allow your emotions to do the talking, and distract you away from the real, legitimate reasons why you chose to end your friendship in the first place. By writing a list, you’ll be able to remind yourself of the reasons you left in the first place. There’s no arguing with evidence, so you’ll feel stronger and more confident about your decision.

Focus on yourself

Now that there isn’t someone distracting you from your own happiness or putting you down every time you talk about your aspirations, this is the perfect time for you to focus on yourself. Indulge yourself?—?in healthy activities like going to the gym or going for walks, but in guilty pleasures, too, like taking yourself out to dinner or seeing your favorite movie over and over again. Treat yourself the way you know you deserve to be treated!

Build a support system

It’s easy to get lonely after losing a friend, even if this friend often made you feel alone. Therefore, it’s important to build a new support system so you don’t have to go through this experience alone. Whether it’s your friends who are worth keeping, your family, or a therapist, reaching out will help you during this hard time. Remember that there’s always someone who wants to listen to you and support you.

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