You think because I don't like being a dick that I can't be one?


I have learnt to accept that I am a dick, more than that, I like it 😀
I use to be. I honestly loved it. Raw authenticity and truth poured from me. But for some reason I can't get back to it.
Now to be a dick feels inauthentic. Probably because I'm not good at it anymore. I can do it well when I'm pissed off but otherwise to joke around I can't do it. I got into spirituality and it kind of made me mr nice guy. I love what I learned about life but it plagues me when times come to be aggressive and assertive.
Any tips from a current dick to a former one trying to find his way back? 😂
Went from a dick to a pussy a little bit. 😩
You need confidence and esteem to be a true dick and with that comes the ability to do what what only a complete and utter dick could do. Good luck!
Where does your confidence and esteem come from? I've been trying not to give such a fuck about shit but I can't seem to help it. This fucks with my confidence since I'm into reaction to shit because sometimes I don't know how to react or respond.
Dick rule 1: Try not to worry about how you think others expect you to respond
Dick rule 2: respond to others on impulse
What do you personally do when you go blank and don't know what to say? I tend to over think shit and tangle myself up in mental clutter. I lack that sense of certainty and deciveness to truly bring out my inner dick. Because when I lack that I lack wit and the ability to be clever.
There's always so much to say sometimes too that I get indecisive and don't have the clarity
We have millions of conversations in our heads throughout the day and so I doubt are minds are ever truly blank. If you have competing conversations or thoughts pick any and go from there