Why do guys love to mess with girls feelings?


See, I would also love to know this.
in what way
It's all garbage anyway but as a boy we're kinda trained to
No "boy" is trained to treat anyone, any type of way. If someone does you wrong, they're trash. Simple as that. Some people were raised with manners and some weren't. Some people just really dgaf. Only you can stop the fuckery. Watch who you let into your circle and I bet you'll be happier with the outcome.
If you see someone's treating you a way you don't like, you're supposed to stop it. Not let it continue. So cut those people out of your life.
baaah i hate boys for that
why can't they just be cute and funny & nice?!
I think it’s simply ignorance and insensitivity. No regard for how their actions make people feel.