When I actually sit down to think about it , I miss my ex .


We all miss our ex’s if you loved them
It’s less that you miss your ex it’s more that you miss the past
You miss looking into their eyes and knowing you are loved and that you aren’t alone
Unfortunately the reality of relationships is that the closer you are to someone the closer you are to hurting them or being hurt by them
Like two hedgehogs
No not hedgehogs
Like two porcupines
The close they get to each other the closer they are to hurting each other
I see what you mean
It’s lame but it’s reality
I don’t understand why I miss him, he cheated on me
You loved him
You miss that feeling
Despite if they hurt you, you still loved them
You miss that feeling
You don’t miss him
Yeah ...
Sometimes I miss my ex even though she hurt me
It’s natural
I try to convince myself I only miss the feeling , not him. I’m too young though, I don’t know if I love him or loved him.
Yeah I’m young too, I’m just hoping stuff get easier later on
I’m too young a lot of people say. But 🤦🏼‍♀️ I can’t help it
Yeah it’s not something you can change
Yeah I know .