What do you want from me!!


A hello n a friendly hug.just to pass the peace n love to this dead world.
The Dead need love and peace too, indeed.
Indeed The Dead shall rise
As the Phoenix leads their way...
Um no leaders we are a collective group
Leaders shall be smitten
With kisses and hugs
Bringing us back to... the Dead need Love and Peace too, indeed
Must be a sweet delicacy where your from
Concrete jungle? And now the land where God decides to draw circles and designs through land and children's houses indiscriminately? Quite possibly.
Yea that place lol
Keep alll that over there
Ohhhh if only I could use the GIFS to express myself
Right this app needs to update soon
It has such potential
Couldn't agree more
Ahhh your enthusiasm is waking the morning birds up
Grrr autocorrect
Psshhttt sleep is for the weak
I'm with you lol
I was hoping you were :)