We have stopped talking a lot of times..n everytime I give up and make it alright ..but he never tries.this hurts! I need him badly but he doesn't.or may be does.byt never chooses to show that..n tries to avoid me .he just replies to watever i say n not really test something of his own..this irritated me n I stopped talking to him .I don't really understand what hurts me more.. talking to him or not talking to him...!!!help


He may not be interested
But if in person, he seems interested
He’s probably extremely nervous and isn’t sure what to say
Maybe he feels like he’s going to mess up or say something that’ll make you dislike him
Try talking about regular things
Current events and trends
he will figure it out and ask me to stop doing that.
He intentionally makes me feel unwanted but I know he does miss me a lot
Is it necessary to all this just because we can't be together in future?
Maybe he needs time to get over you
Knowing you cannot love someone is difficult to deal with