The worst question is "do you still love me"


What does s/he feel like you don't love h/her?
I meant why*
oh just the whole thing of being asked sucks especially if you still do love them
like if you're not with them and someone asks you "do you still love them?" And you're over here trying to get over them while they move on happily just sucks
Oh so it's other people asking if you still love them.
If that's the case just tell them how you really feel, when you're in denial about your feelings, not only are you lying to them but to yourself.
It makes it harder when you're in denial. Just accept it and move at your own pace💕
but i know i still love them so it just sucks
There's nothing wrong with that though, that means that you really cared about h/her.
Maybe just block them from all social media? That can really help.