The worst part about being in love with your friend is how much time you have to spend with them without touching them.


Yikes. That must suck.
You want to touch them but you dont want to because it won't be a platonic touch so you avoid it although if there weren't any feelings you wouldn't think twice about touching them
It just messes with my own head
Man, I'm gonna say it again, this sucks big time.
Haha yes it does. Big big time
I'm so sorry.
That's okay. It's just my last year of college anyway we'll probably go our separate ways then I'll get over it
But the feelings remain. Why don't you tell them how you feel? Like you said, it's the last year of college. You guys will part ways. You can't miss a chance
I know what you mean but I know him well enough to realize he doesn't reciprocate. So that will ruin what time I do get to spend with him and I'm not ready to trade that yet
Maybe you don't know him well enough in this regard. You could tell him later, but don't miss the chance on assumption