soooo my ex bf who is an ex for the very reason that he would hit me and get mad at me when I would act like my smart ass self😂 well. he's now in a perfect relationship with a girl I hate the most. is it wrong for me to feel jealous and get mad when he posts something about her on insta..?


You're seriously jealouse? He slapped you around girl, love yourself and block his ass and her ass.
i'm just jealous because i don't think he treats her like the way he treated me and I really wish I could have been as happy with him as she is
You don't know that, you're looking from the outside in. They may seem happy together but behind closed doors he's probably slapping her ass around too tbh
Once a woman beater, is 90% of the time a always going to be a woman beater. Just block him and her so you can move on
You don't need to be one of those women who are getting beat. You deserve the best.
I guess you're right.
it's gonna take time to get over it tho
💕 Hit that block button, trust me it'll make it so much easier
Good luck lovely
Don't take him back either.
thank you♥️
You're welcome💕