Someday i want to be a music theory prof. However my parents dont exactly like the idea they want me to do something like be a pharmacist ..... 😒


It's like no one wants to talk to a musician like me because they hate music. Probably explains why I don't have a band yet.
Ur a musician that AMAZING
But not many people care about how extremely passionate about music I am. Most people like to quickly change the subject to something I don't know about.
I'm close to finishing an album, but going solo is getting kinda boring now.
Then post on ur social media “looking for people to play music with ” you will find many people
Sounds like a great idea, but I'm too afraid to ask when I have over 1,300 bands, musicians, and record labels following me on Twitter. I'm probably just afraid of losing most of my followers.
Sometimes the best way to make it big in life is to take risks you never know what will happen unless you try and at least you know how to get back to where you are now if something bad does happen
Some of my followers are musicians a lot of people have heard of before.
Maybe I should just stop worrying and take the risk because I really want to get my music career on a more easier path. There's so many ideas of new music I have, but I have a hard time recording them fast enough by myself.
Than post u playing ur favorite peice of music put your own little touch of personality so people know what kind of a person you are
But be aware there’s always gonna be that one person who is just so negative it makes you want to scream but you got ignore them and focus on where you’re at and keep going forward
Yeah, it's always that one person. But every musician is going to be criticized. Not every musician is perfect.
There's times when I suggest a band to someone, but usually when they say that they don't like them, I feel a bit let down, but that's only one person out of thousands that may be a much bigger fan than me.
Well u just have to keep trying musicians are the most creative people in the world at least in my opinion you come up with the most creative thing and that was going to catch peoples eyes and ears