Somebody please reply, I need relationship advice... I don't know what to do


Hey. I'm having issues too maybe we can help each other
what's wrong you two?
Ever been in a relationship that's so fucking good. Then they just kinda.. drop off. Leave. But then they continue kinda talking to you so you don't lose feelings. So I'm stuck on her.
Have you tried talking to her? If you two are in a relationship why is she becoming distant?
I did talk to her. She just said she was going through things and she doesn't want to drag me into it. Yet I see her at school and she just glares at me. She's comes up to my group of friends and talks to the people next to me. Yet she texts me all night
Tell her you don't like how she talks to you when it's only convienient for her.
To be honest I don't even think you should talk to her.
Just call it off maybe?
I try to call it off but she says all this cute shit and keeps me holding on (if you haven't noticed I'm also a female)
You don't deserve to be treated like you're nobody, because you are a somebody. You're her girlfriend, not her chew toy.
Thanks a lot for talking me to me it means a lot
Fuck I can't type I'm shaking
Yeah, that can be really hard when someone talks you into staying, but you have to think about what's best for you and your mental health. It's either be sad and upset wondering why she talks to you at her convenience or be single and free and doing your own thing.
and ofc💕
Also why are you shaking?
Talking about this gives me anxiety
I definitely understand😩 I remember when my boyfriend and I first started dating his ex was still trying to talk to him and my anxiety got so bad every time I'd think about it to the point I'd throw up or have to shit really bad lmao but we can stop talking about this. Good luck💕
Hey Horn
Well, can you guys please help me out?
So, I just started highschool for about 3 weeks ago
(Yes I'm 13)
And I met this guy, and his name is Andres
And we liked each ither
And everybody said we were dating
But we weren't
And yesterday
He asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend
And I wanted to say yes
But I wanted to say no too
First of all because I'm 13
Second, it's kinda weird
Then I said "let me think about it"
and today there was this party
And before it, Andres called me and said that he was dating someone else
Because a girl asked him the same day as the party
And he told me they were dating, and saying it's "complicated"
And I didn't get mad, because I was kinda sad that me and Andres just couldn't be friends
(All the time since he asked my life has been horrible)
and at this party
He was LITERALLY flirting with another gil
Not to cut you off but why don't you just got ahead and type the whole thing out?
Sorry, it's a bad habit
It's okay, I understand lol, you can continue
But yea, anyways. I know he likes me, because he told me, and it's pretty obvious haha, but his girlfriend weren't at the party, and he was flirting with another girl, and I got super mad then! Because he's liking 3 girls at the same time
And all the boys at the party came to me and started talking about Andres and me, and kept asking questions, and I didn't mind, but then later after the party, he admitted that he liked the 3th girl
And I was pissed and heartbroken
And right now after the party, he asked me if I wanted to hang out with Andres and the 3rd girl
And again he asked me if my bestfriend could come too
Wtf am I supposed to do now? I'm broken (but not really broken)
I can give more details, because in case you didn't know the third girls name is Victoria, and Andres's girlfriends name is Emma
I'm so screwed I want to dieee! I have so many f*cking responsibilities
I think you're thinking about it a little too much. School just started and you just met this young man. Why are you jealous? You shouldn't involve yourself with him at all. He's immature and doesn't care about anyone's feelings but his.
Yo he's a dick drop is ass. It's not worth getting super invested in him because you'll end up like me and it's not fun.
Hold out on dating until you're a sophomore at least. That way you can mature mentally as well as the young men at your school.
Yeah freshman boys just want to have their first time
Basically, luckily I didn't start dating until I was a Junior basically lmao but now I'm a college student and I'm still in the same relationship.
Boys can be insensitive, just have fun with your friends
I'm a junior
Omg guys thank you so much!
I was thinking of this a lot before going to bed, and I'm done with him
Good for you!
Hey, sorry again, but I really need your help
So, me and Andres became really close friends (just friends) and I introduced my BFF Jasmin to him, and then we became a "squad" and today we were at the mall, me Jasmin, and Andres. And He and J were laughing together and stuff like that
And it was cute! But now he sent me a snap, saying that another girl asked if he wanted to date, and he told me that he liked Jasmin, and I was shocked
In three weeks, he's had a crush on a girl named Juni, Emma, me, Emma again, Victoria, and no jasmin
i don't know what to do with him! The only thing he does is to look for a girlfriend
Drop him he's a douche
Yea, thanks, but I just can't! He's a super nice person, but today I just don't know
Are you sure? I think that me and Jasmin should talk, because i don't want to fight with them, but I want to know what he wants
A lot of rumours has said that he's nasty and talking about "you know what a lot"
I'm sorry that I just came here out of nowhere
Girl, lmao. You're not dating him so why does it matter what he chooses to do? What he does is none of your concern, nor should you be worried about "what your going to do with him" because again, he's not your boyfriend. You two are just friends, you just said that so what do you really need advice on? I'm not trying to be mean or rude but I'm not understanding why you're worried about him.
You say he's a nice person then okay, HES A NICE PERSON! Lol, he's a young boy, he doesn't know what he wants and he's probably going through puberty and is just a horny kid. So of course he's going to say he likes a different girl every five seconds. Just because he likes every girl he lays his eyes on doesn't mean you should view him as no longer being nice... That's ignorant. If he's nice he's nice, who he likes isn't your business but yet he's been nothing but honest and open with you and
here you are judging him. He trusts you, and I'm pretty sure as time goes on. He'll appreciate you as a friend, but you need to be more open minded about some things. If you don't want him not liking your friends, now you know better not to bring them around him anymore. To put it simply, stop worrying about what he does with his life and what choices he makes, especially at this age.
Thank you so much for this
You're welcome 💕