Serious question. How does one hangout with oneself? What are the things a person can do by themselves?


Read a book, prepare dinner for yourself, watch a movie you always wanted to watch as a child, play video games, hear music, write your thoughts, there's a lot actually!!
1. Have dinner by yourself
2. Go to the movies by yourself
3. Go on public park walks by yourself
Get a mirror, a hairbrush, and a device with music. Go in a room(with a mirror), close your door, then turn your music on. Dance, sing, do whatever you want and have fun in front of your mirror. The hairbrush is to use as a "microphone." It's so mich
Much fun!*
And when I say that I'm not just kidding around. It's actually a good stress reliever to just focus on having fun instead of anything else that may be happening in your life.