Ok I'm a little bit confused if i am single now is it normal to think sexually about my ex ?


Yes it is normal it means you still love him
Yes. Often times it is hard to let go of lingering feelings
Actually it's been 3 years and i am afraid my situation isn't normal
I been there
Everyday i have this guilty pleasure after i think about her
I still miss her
And yes i still in love with her 😔💔
Omg it's touring me everyday
Don't worry you will get over it soon
I haven't forgot about my ex for 5 year
I don't think so i mean it's been 3 years when it will end?
It's a real love situation omg she's so special to me
When i think of her i feel like I'm floating
I'm miserable help 😔💔
Just go and hang out with you're friend's and try to forget about her.... and if you don't want that then talk to her about it
I talked to her previously she's in love with someone else
She doesn't love me anymore
date other girls try to make her jealous
Now it's a love from one side
She used to love me deeply and then she stopped
Omg 💔 I'm afraid to die soon my heart aching me
It's problely cause you're in the friend zone now
But don't worry make her jealous
If it doesn't work
Move on with life date other girls
Go other places
Meet new people
I tried to date other girls they're not the same
Yeah life is unfair
I know that happend to me too
Yes love hurts so much
Still i want her to be my wife
But what I did was keep dating other people until I find the right..... and awwww really sweet
I've always imagined to have kids with her man I love her smile
Look if you like her so much then don't give up her
Keep trying to see if she would want you back
She refused me on everytime i goes to her
Yeah i want to get her back
I've dreaming a lot of her lately
Lol ok
Well then idk how to help you then.... just gotta follow y oure heart
And if y oure stuck find another path
Ok thanks budd
You've been helpful to me
I really appreciate your help
You're welcome
It was nice talking to you