Of course after I finally get over the girl that’s stepped all over me for a long time, my parents get divorced, my friends get into relationships and just ignore me or they act like assholes. I hate love.


Oh wow that is a lot to go through in a short period of time. If you want your freinds back you should just have a private conversation with them and talk to them about how you feel left out.
Oh and by the way girls are really confusing so don't worry about her you will find some one new
And talk to your parents about how you feel and how it is hurting you they might understand.
Lol, I should be offended by the "girls are confusing" statement, but I'll ignore that. Otherwise, I agree with you, Marine Toad.
Loyal Gorilla, you're blaming the wronf thing over here. It's not love, but the people around you. They probably don't realise what they're doing. Sometimes you have to tell someone what their actions are doing to you to make them see.