My mom always compared me to the people that have higher grades than me. She never showed me that my grades are good, the case is always “what did blank get? See she’s smarter than you why don’t be more like her?” And when I didn’t study and my grades dropped she didn’t even care and kept comparing me to others.


Tell her this
I tell my parents the brutally honest truth
“Wow! You’re really bad at parenting. How would you feel if your mother kept comparing you to others? Of all people, I expected my mother to be content with me and motivate me to try again harder because there’s still more time to learn.”
Don’t even look at her when you say this and make a sad face
“I wish you were more like.... (so and sos mom).”
Okay thank you
I’ve already talked to her that way and just like she compares me
I compared her to the mother of the girl she compares me to
Talk to her less and less
Close her out to your personal life
It’s toxic for your current education
You’re right
It’s really unfortunate you couldn’t make amends with her after discussing your feelings with her. You deserve to be listen to and you don’t need to take more of your time trying to make someone understand how you feel when the refuse to
Even if it’s your own mother
No matter how old you may be
This is a serious matter. It’s affects your confidence and will actually cause you to do worse in school. You’ll feel insecure with your kneowlege and not certain.
If you’re father is there, trying talking to him as well
when you study, encourage yourself because later in life... the best encouraging words will only be of value when it’s from yourself, your mouth.
Stay positive and determined in your studies. You will do be the best that you can be! And you will shine. Life is a beautiful thing, because you can always turn the page and try, try, try again.
Good luck with your studies! 😊
Thank you for encouraging me. You don’t know how much I needed this, I was on the verge of making the same mistake as last year but you made me view things from a different angle. I hope that I’ll do good in school this year because I’m actually motivated like before.
And whatever grade I’ll get will be because I want it
Not because my moom wants me to get ut
It *
I’m not close to my father so that option is out .
I can help :)