My classes for school are decent but i HATE my french 2 teacher. She spent 10 minutes talking about dress code and said we only get to use the bathroom twice per semester (what the actual fuck). She cusses at students and she's super strict because she also happens to be a coach for a lot of sports (how wonderful). Not looking forward to seeing that bitch tomorrow.


What a hoe
Hate teachers like that
So stupid honestly
Like the students never respect them
And for good reason too
Sounds like my French teacher, except she was a drill sergeant.
She complained about girls wearing booty shorts and having an exposed bra strap for such a long time like who honestly cares
My teacher usually complains about students wearing shorts and short sleeved shirts and would usually give people zeros for "showing too much skin".
I feel bad for you
I feel bad about the students that have to suffer through the school's new dress code. I've heard about it before I graduated and It's a lot more strict and sad.