I've never even had sex, every woman that I approach tells me I'm too nice, why can't I just be a bad guy, why do girls like bad guys????


They don't really like bad guys. Most just go for confidence, I guess.
Girls are bitches they have fun with bad guys and will marry a guy like you
True, I would love to marry a nice guy. Bad boy is tiring
Girls like bad guys temporarily but we usually dont settle down woth hem in the long run
With them**
You just need to find the right girl
Why are you guess lying lol
It's a bit romantic when i heard that he's still a virgin tho. Who doesn't want to be his first and last? That's super sweet
You guys are so mean I'm triggered
D: i'm honest
i actually have crush on someone like you
Nicest, and smartest guy i ever met
Is he confident ?
He looks like
but on one occasion, he admit to me that he often feel not
Just tryna map it out
So you guy ever did it ??
No, i wish..
But he's my favorite, so i wait
Its better to wait and not waste something you will never get back
That's bullshit cause he's gonna end up with a new chick so what's the point
So y'all just lead him, play games w him hoping that he'll wait for you tf
Well, sex is not the only way to please him 😐
I'm passed the sex talk
But you didn't answer my question
I wait because i want to be his wife
Ok thanks for the jokes guess ✌️