I've been feeling discouraged with my life lately and would like some words of encouragement


What's going on?
A lot of stuff is going on in my mind lately....
whoever thought being an adult would be so hard?
Every situation is temporary. It won't last forever. Instead of looking at our current state as a disaster, we can at least try to look at it as a challenge and a growing experience. Keep you head up and have a clear direction. (:
How old are you?
I'm 27 goin on 28...
Thank you 😊
Had a different image of what life would like by age 28? What did you it to look like?
Yep I thought that everything was gonna be easy in terms of financial stability, happily married with children and a successful career...
Just remember, Abraham Lincoln failed 12 times in his life
Did he? I did not know that!!
How does life look like?
Well my life looks alright... it could be better but because of my past mistakes, I'm on my "facing my consequences" stage right now...
Like what?
Well it's a long story i almost lost my life I got myself into a car accident with an 18 wheeler and it's been pretty hard for me to pick myself back up... employers don't wanna hire me, I don't have friends to hang out I've lost friends I have no one to talk too, and no I don't consider "Facebook friends" as actual friends in real life...
That you survived a crash with a 18 wheeler is amazing. Let's not breeze over the fact that now you can considered a miracle. I Facebook friends are not the real thing. So two things 1. The job. What kind of employment are you looking for? Have you tried volunteering? 2. Friends. What happened with your pre accident friends?
Never give up, never give in.
Right now I'm really looking for anything that pays ok i don't mind starting over... I've only volunteered once and I really do like volunteering... and my pre accident friends honestly I don't know what happened after my accident... I guess they just want me to do my own thing now....
i will never give up but life is hard sometimes though...
Sounds like you know where to start. Volunteering! It be a great way to find purpose and meet people who share your values and interests. Learn enough and you might get hired on or find another place that can use your talents.
Life may look different from what you imagined but it could be great.
Thank you for your kind words and advice 😊 it truly means a lot
You're welcome