It’s so weird looking back at last year and how different things were at this time of year, back then I had a really decent amount of friends and I was getting closer to getting together with my ex girlfriend, now I have barely any friends and my girlfriend left me, it’s weird how quickly things can crash and burn


Change is the only constant.
There are several chapters in your life
Everybody goes through this ! It's okay.just go with the flow . everything wl be fine.when u stop running after the wrong things ,u give an opportunity to the right things to catch you :)
I hope that’s the case
U r going to meet new people..the better ones..the old one are no more for a reason... because God has planned much better things for u positive !
I knw this feeling.. my ex boyfriend treats me like shit now! I have realised things can't be same.i have tried making things alright between us but every time I was blamed for hitting upon him again.but I took a decision that might help u also.."don't let temporary people change u permanently". :)