Its so hard to break old habits


So true
I still suck my thumb 😅😅
Lol 😁
Thats not so bad
Damages my teeth 😕
Dont take advice from me, I sucked my thumb in secret until middle school 😂
I’m in middle school!!!
How did you stop?
Well... I developed this horrible overbite. And my teeth got these weird spaces on the sides. And my family couldnt afford braces. So I just stopped so it wouldnt get worse
My teeth are really messed up the top completely covers over the bottom row and I have this thing called TMJ were my jaw isnt aligned properly so sometimes it just locks up. Really painful have to go the ER.
Sorry! Didnt mean to scare you but thats what happened to me. But hopefully it doesnt happen to you or anyone else lol