It's hard to start a conversation on this app because people try to stear the convocation into a different direction I was talking about games not once did I talk about relationships


Do you like apples?
I love apples
Let's sacrifice our selves to are king zulli
Pizzas are round and comes in square boxes and we eat them in triangles life's crazy
You want some skooma
Did you know that doggo is a lengthend form of doges with it self is a langhthend form of dogs witch is the plaual of dog and dog is a grown pupper a mixture of the words puppy and pepper puppy is a long way to say pup and pup is another way to say cub. Cubs are baby wolfs and wolf's are the plural of wolf another cub is that of a bear another thing called bear is a hair gay man the word man is the repesentation of the 2 sexes humans can have it is also the grown version of the boy and the boy