It’s crazy when people say the meaning of life is living and being alive but they’re people with better lives than you, and fuck that “no ones life is better than yours” bullshit cause that’s just cliche af. There’s literally people who are living care free lives like there’s no problem in the world just happy.... fuckmylifefuckmylifefuckmylife I honestly think everybody with a crappy life should just end it like what’s the point.


just because your life is a mess doesn't mean you have to end it. my life is a mess, but here I am and so what. life your life mabye your life a like a piece of shit but i can swear out there are lifes there are like a hole manure
I’m including them as well
Everyone with a shit life
Yes I agree, but that doesn’t mean your life isn’t worth living. Tell me what you think is crappy about your life?
It’s not about me...
It is, otherwise you wouldn’t have this mindset