It is not okay to hide what you feel. But what if what you feel will make people to look you with other eyes? What if by speaking up my feelings i am sure all my life will change completely (and not for good)? There are some feelings society sees as wrong, so we can’t really always say what we feel. We take our chances by doing so. And I don’t want to take chances, but I’m drowning in myself by keeping quiet. I hate everything.


You care too much about what people think is all. Accept yourself for who you are and what you are. At the end of the day you're human, and if people's perception change because of something they might not necessarily agree with then unfortunately that's their loss because you're a great person. If it's your parents who will feel that way then maybe wait until your 18 to tell them.
Not caring what others think of you is easier said than done, and honestly I think everyone cares at least a little bit. If you're afraid of being judged, is there someone you could talk to confidentially? Like a counsellor, therapist or even at a confession in a church? Just someone to listen and hear you out
It's easier for some than others. Of course everyone care a little but it's literally mind of matter. There's nothing wrong with caring though. When it becomes a problem is when you let it stop you from living your life. That's all I meant.