It hurts so much. Hearing that people have fun behind me, people hating on me, people being mean to me, the pain from swing other people happy, the pain from how people treat me. I guess hurting myself won't be that painful


Never even think of what others think of u. There is no work for them. U keep on working for what u believe in and be the king for ur life. All the best...
Thank you, for replying and being such a warmhearted person♥️
I really appreciate that you replied
No need yaar we all are human without each others help we can't achieve anything...
People can have fun without you love, there's nothing wrong with that, although it would be nice for you to be invited if you feel that way talk to them. As for the people hating on you and saying ill things about you, don't pay them any mind because at the end of the day you know yourself, you know how sweet and great of a person you are and for people to talk about such a person they're just mad because you have something that they don't and that could be literally anything. Don't let people-
who are irrelevant bring you down. Their opinion on you doesn't matter. You only let what you decide to let hurt you. When people are talking about you keep smiling and having fun and by showing them how unbothered you are that'll make them realize you really don't give a damn.
Thank you so much omg 😭😭
I really appreciate you guys
Thank you
💜💜💜 Good luck, keep smiling!