It doesn't matter what you say but how you say it. You may think you said the wrong thing but usually you just said it the wrong way. You can say the same thing but the impact will be entirely different based off your tonality, pitch, and volume. What you think may be a bad thing to say could actually be a good thing to say when you say it correctly.


How'd you learn this?
Studying psychology and social dynamics, why?
Oh, and also since I'm aware of this I use this information myself. I experience it and see the results personally.
You see the changes in responses and reactions as you practice it.
I had a feeling cause I've been thinking about studying in psychology too cause I feel that people who have done so are like puppeteers to people who are oblivious to everything like there ahead so it's nice that I came across this.
Yes somewhat. It's fun playing the game of life/social interactions when you know how to play.
But be warned, the more you know about psych the more prone you are to falling in the trap of always questioning, analyzing, and monitoring yourself. It creates a sense of self consciousness , self doubt, and loss of self trust when you are constantly doing that. I feel into that pit. The more you know about psych the more you know about yourself, including all the buried stuff about yourself you were better off not knowing about in a way. It's good you can fix it now that you're aware but if
There's a lot it can become an overwhelming burden at first until sorted out. Not trying to scare you, it could be unique to me. But that's what I found the more I learned.
Yea I figured, guess that's the price of knowledge, ignorance is bliss but knowledge is def power