in which forum can I talk with teenagers who are lgbtq people? for advice?


I'm a part of the lgbtq+ community. Can I help?
oh thanks. I guess I like girl. And I'm a girl. And my country doesn't like lgbtq people. And i'm living in a small town so there is no lgbtq communities here. And most of the people I know is homophobic.And I can't have a chance to meet a girl. Whatever I'm trying to join some forums, chat with the other. I'm always the platonic one. I've never dated with a girl before. I guess I should wait for college. i'm in highschool. When I go away for a college I can live in a big city.
so maybe I can go gay bars or I can join a club or something like that. But I'm afraid. Because I don't believe I can find anybody
You will find somebody ❤️
I have no experience and I'm a little bit shy. The waiting part is not ok. I'm alone. And I want a girlfriend who really loves me. And I wanna love her too. I hope I can find her
The waiting is always the hardest, but with patience comes great things! I was the same as you, no experience, very shy. But it's all about finding someone who can guide you through things
Have faith and you'll find happiness one day
Same with me - no experimece and shy and I found someone who was experienced and kind.
thanks all of you :)
so how it feels ?
what does like in a relationship with her ?
Well, when she found out I never had a girlfriend before (after 10 days dating) she was shocked and asked if she could be my first girlfriend
Firat time we tried to have sex was a disaster (my side), because I drank too much. But then it was great! 😊 fast forward 10 years, and we are married now.
oh I'm so happy for you 😊😍 congrats. thanks for sharing your story. I'm more hopeful now
so cute 😊
Good! You have sooooooooo many years in front of you! It will be an amazing adventure!
yeeeees :))
Vent is good and here's LBGTQ+ groups as well as specifically lesbian/bi/pan etc! xx
I'll check it out thanks