I'm so tired of being alone. Thanks to my dad & previous relationships I'm too fucked up to be decent girlfriend or wife material tho. No one can deal with my issues.


What’s wrong? Maybe I can help?
I suffer from depression. I'm on meds but they don't always help. I also suffer from PTSD. My biggest trigger is raised voices. I burst into tears the instant someone uses a loud voice that sounds angry. Actually I cry at the drop off a hat anyway. I refuse to say anything that may be construed as m negative because I can't handle any kind of confrontation. I don't talk much because I've been told to be quiet ever since I was a child & I've been made to feel stupid & told no one wants to hear
What I have to say anyway. So you can imagine what all that does to a relationship.
I’m so sorry! No child, or adult for that matter, should have anything like hat happen to them! Everyone has a voice and should be able to use it
Yeah well. You can see why I'm too fucked up for relationships.
Yeah I see. And it’s totally understandable Why. Keep in mind though that there’s good in the world, and eventually you’ll find that good :)
You'd think I'd find some by now. I'm 48 years old
There’s still time though. There are stories where 80 y/o’s fall in love. Just don’t give up :)