I'm so depressed. I'm so miserable. Hardly anyone knows. And those who do don't even care.


Want to talk about it? I care :)
I don't really know where I'd start
Just start wherever :)
Well... I've had depression since I was six years old, and it was all because of my father. My father used to always physically, mentally, and emotionally abuse me, my siblings, as well as my mom. After the divorce, he still abused us, and began to neglect us as well. H would sit for hours playing video games, unwilling to stop. His parents are rich, and they payed for his rental home. My older brother was the only kid (out of four) that could reach the cupboards.
He would grab a cup. He would take it to the sink to wash mold out of it. Just so we could have a drink of water every once in a while.
He was about 8 years old at the time.
I am so sorry!! No one should have to live like that! That’s horrible!!
You’re safe though now, right?
Or at least safer?
We have to visit him every summer... He doesn't abuse us anymore, because we are old enough to remember what happened. When we were younger, he would just tell us it was a dream and that it never happened.
We always knew that it wasn't a dream, though... Most of the time there were dents in the walls.
That’s absolutely horrible. You shouldn’t have to keep going back to something that hurt you for years. I’m so sorry that you had to live through that. But, you lived through it. You’re so strong for doin that. It must’ve been so hard, but you kept yourself alive. You knew deep down that it’d get better
I guess so
Are your siblings and mother okay?
Well... Were ok... But we could be better. My mom has really bad back pain from my dad, and stays in bed a lot. My older brother has anger issues, mainly because my dad was hardest on him, and my dad eventually broke him. My other older brother (the second oldest) seems fine... And hasn't had any long term damage. I have depression and anxiety, as well as back pain, much like my mom. My little brother is showing symptoms of shaken baby syndrome, and we think my dad shook him at some point.
All that aside, my mom has remarried, and we've moved to a different state than him.
That’s good though. Although you all still have a part of him with you, you know you’re stronger than those who try to break you. Together y’all overcame the tough times