I'm part of the lgbtq+ community, but I heard someone calling themselves heteroflexible, and I'm sorry but that sounds... really dumb


Maybe no one has explained what heteroflexible really means but it just, I don't know
I understand it as, you like the opposite gender but occasionally you like the same gender. To me that just sounds like bisexual, which I am
It's just a bit frustrating because anytime I hear "heteroflexible" it just sounds like the person is like ashamed to be called bisexual so they're like oh no I'm not gay or bi, I'm "heteroflexible"
They probably are ashamed but that their business. You know what you like and that's all that matters.
True, I just don't get how someone could be like no no being gay is bad, I'm not gay or whatever and like deny it themselves, like if you like the same gender just embrace it!
Yeah, I understand and agree but unfortunately it's not that way😕
So is heteroflexible actually a thing
It kinda sounds like being bi
Wow never heard that one before! Wiki writes that it is "mostly straight"
That is bisexual forced into a heteronomative society
I would thus be a homoflexible, cause I've mostly been in gay relationships.
Or is it an open minded heterosexual? I have a guy friend who is straight but kissed a guy on a dare and is super cool about it
Yet he is not romantically or sexually aroused by men