I'm bad at starting conversations.


Why you think so?
You don't know what to say or others always answer in too short
I usually start conversations with music, but it's so unpopular that people try to find a way out. I even tried asking about their day and other things people commonly talk about.
If you talk about music,keeo it simple
and dont talk about it all the time and try to be like 'hey,did you heard this or this or this or this' thats just exhausting
I usually ask about the music they listen to. Because I listen to everything and anything, I would then talk about new music or recent news about it.
Music is such a huge subject! I usually ask what people do for fun. Or what they do for work
I play guitar, make music, write songs, and can sing, but people don't find that interesting. They usually scramble to find a different topic or try to end the conversation.
That's cool! I play too, been playing for a long time. What kinds of music do you like to play?
Your just not talking to the right people then 😉
I play a range from death metal to country music. I mostly play rock, alternative, and indie.
Quite the spread! Although I play a lot of death metal too, but then I'll play folk songs and stuff too lol any favorite artists, or inspiration?
I was inspired by Linkin Park as a kid. I've been listening to unsigned artists recently like Kyoto Lo-fi and The Trims.
Nice, Linkin park is one of those bands that got me into heavier music, I really like a lot of independent music too. Mostly the super unique and obscure stuff, the weirder the better I say!
Any examples of the independent music you've listened to?
Uhhh tonnes, but a few examples are ; brown bird, mischief brew, Aesop Rock, and many many more
Anyway, I think the key to starting a good conversation is to just talk about what you care about, listen to what they care about and finding common ground, and boom! You've got a conversation
I'll give those bands a listen. Maybe I'll give them a shout out on Twitter to show that I care about their music.
I love discovering new music.
Me too. Basically what I do with most of my time
I like finding them on Twitter and Spotify then giving them a shoutout and a review. I like making people happy and proud of their achievements.
It gives them the motivation to keep going and to not give up yet.
Well, unfortunately, both Erik Petersen of mischief brew and Dave lamb of brown bird have passed away in the past couple of years. But yea! I used to do that all the time.
I even like showing my love and sorrow for the musicians who've passed away recently, like the lead singer of Linkin Park and Soundgarden, just to tell people that I care.
Not sure where, but I thought I've heard about the news about Brown Bird and Mischief Brew somewhere while I was strolling through music news.
Yea that's definitely a possibility