I was saying goodbye to them while I was crying, they noticed, I walked away while I barely could breathe, and when I was walking I turned around, and nobody followed me


Sometimes when people do that it puts stress on the other person. They don't know rather or not they should follow you or just give you space. I'm pretty sure they chose to give you space. Next time don't do that. You can't say "goodbye," to someone and expect them to come running after you. This isn't a fairytale nor a movie or novel. This is reality. If you walk out of people's life majority of people will hold the door open for you. If you want to work it out with people you work it out. You
don't expect them to come running after you or to kiss your ass or something. Talk! Communication is key to any successful relationship/friendship
Thank you very much, you actually helped me
By how you speak, because the thing that people are like "oh I feel ya" doesn't really help
But you did
Thank you
Of course! I'm glad I could help!
and ikr? that's really frustrating
Yep, and again thank you, I just learned that I need to fix it on my own, because of you ♥️ thanks, and have a very nice day
You're welcome and you too💜