I want to listen to a new band, but no matter what suggestion I get, I've already listened to them before.


Any specific genre?
Any genre from metal to indie.
Im a metal fans too! \m/
What subgenre in metal you love most?
Alternative metal
Try listening to something you'd never listen to
Omg no shit frog
Omg, stfu sheep because this isn't your post. The name sheep fits you. Anyways what I meant when I said that is listen to a genre you'd never listen to scorpion.
Hahahah someone's a bit butthurt
Butt hurt about what a anonymous person said lol no
Well you sure sounded like it but alrighty then
"Sounded"? I'm more than positive you can't hear my tone through text. Also I'm pretty sure you know that people can cuss without actually being mad. Maybe think a little more before you type lol.
Son this convo is over move on please
I'm not your son, or anything in that matter but, you can move on too, you didn't have to reply but okay persistent sheep 😊😂