I respect my religion but following the rules that were 1400 years ago is a little meaningless . The population of people that lived 1400 years ago was way less that a billion and now there are more than 7 billion people in the world so I believe we should let go of the old traditions


Not necessarily let go,but modify them
like take all oppositions and all different beliefs and rules
then consider each of them and bring something universal and new
something that fulfills us for once...even economy wasnt made in order to be great for everyone
So what to even say about religious books
You're a thinking Muslim, good thing there are people like you in every religion but they're being fought and suppressed
True fam,its so ignorant to believe and judge the world by one book
Read many and you won't be the one to judge.Read them all and you are still not the one to judge.We learn and improve,but thats constant work in progress.So are we,so is nature,so was evolution
But Im actually Christian Orthodox with Slavic roots
If thats important in any case
Orthodox Christianity is very similar to Islam 😂🤣
How come? x)