I really want to become a pastry chef so I'm looking for any farmers


Ooooo pastry chef sounds awesome go for it
Thanks what do you want to become
A music theory prof.
That is so nice
Thank you ur the first person to say that 😁
We'll it is your dream you should live it out
Thank you and i will
So can you teach me a little
A little what?
Of music theory
Oooo ok
I can tell u all about string Instruments if you’d like
So music theory is essentially the question of what is music ? The history of music is A large portion of this like who is Beethoven who is Mozart and what did they do but you’re so that I know a lot about the instruments my favorite is the string family
So starting off with a violin .... violin is tuned in perfect fiths and reads the trouble clef which is also known as the G clef
Did viola reads the alto clef also known as the C clef and is also tuned in perfect fifths
What is a perfect fifth
If you think of a major scale is comprised of eight notes when you tune instrument in perfect fifths it is tuned by one string being the first note and the second string being the fifth note in the major scale .....The cello reads the bass clef or the F clef and is tuned and perfect fiths ....cello can also read the tennor clef but it is uncommon
I don’t really know much about the tennor clef but I heard that the cello sometimes reads it
And last the upright string bass is tuned in perfect forths so different from the other three and it also reads the bass clef or the F clef
That is very interesting
I would tell you about woodwinds and percussion and brass but I only have a little bit of experience with them not enough to really talk about them....
Thank you 😁
I hope you endever is well tuned
That's a pun
😂nice one
Thank you