Then ask her out
I can't :( I haven't known her for long and I don't want to ruin our friendship
Well then go slow
I'm trying. It's just every time I like someone i get over them super quickly but every time I hang out with her I just love her more and I can't get her out of my mind.
Ive never felt this way before
Then tell her
And see where this g9
If she feel the same way
If she doesn't and don't want to hang out with no more than forget about her
Well Ive been told by other people that they can tell that she likes me. We cuddle sometimes when she comes over and we always joke to other ppl that we are dating. I just don't know. Ive never dated a girl before
Then make a move
She problely like you
You'll never know if you don't try
I just don't know. I want to savor our friendship
She's pansexual so I'm not worried if she likes me
Ok then be friends that like each other bit don't wanna date.... but you should still tell her how you feel and tell her that you wanna friends.... you don't wanna ruin you guys friendship but you love her and you care about her