I really hate that i still like her alot despite the events


what events ?
Theres like two events only but still
One was the first time i told her i liked her and then she rejected me which was fine i was glad that she was honest with me
its just the second event is still really interesting to me which is the reason i cant get over her
what was the second event ??
Her friend texted me one time and told me that my crush likes me and that she cares for me alot
Naturally i thought it wasnt true so i asked her about it
And it turned out to be true that she does like me and stuff but doesnt datw
Ever since that its been on my mind alot
huh.. that really sucks.. well maybe if you start opening your mind to other girls.. the right one will stand out
Yeah hope so but havent had luck with that
But ik its not going to come right away