I need to find the strength to get out of this hood.


What happened
I'm losing myself completely.
I can't stand this fuckin lifestyle I've become so accustomed to.
All three of the only family I have which is my brother, sister and mother are burnt out and close to gone.
On top of that I'm no different except that I have some sense.
I dislike talking about the shit because people always think somebody is trying to play the poor me part.
You must try and find your own way.
I understand that it begins with me and in order to help them I need to help myself first.
The recent events of the past year and a half have left me wrecked.
I know there are people going through worse things in other places in the world..
I know people have survived through worse..
I can't seem to find the strength to get back up from this one.
This is my 3rd binge, second relapse.