I need someone to talk to... My depression has been killing me over these past few weeks. I feel so alone.


Since no ones responding, I’m going to leave something offensive so all these cliche fake woke people can come rushing in for help, that being said , GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!!
he's not wrong
Uuhh, some of us were busy when this was posted, Opossum. Get over yourself.
And although I'm late, I hope you are willing to talk, Penguin
Well... I've had depression since I was six. My dad is abusive and I have permanent back pain because of it. I have no friends and everyone who spends time with me is forced to do so (siblings, classmates, churchgoers, etc.) Ever since this next school year started, I've been overwhelmed, stressed, and even more so depressed. My mom is somewhat emotionally absent, and stays in bed all day because of her pains (also caused by my father.) Everyone avoids me if at all possible.
I'm always alone, always depressed, and always miserable. Everyone thinks I'm overreacting due to adolescence... (I'm 13) and though that may effect my depression and anxiety, I have been like this for a while, and if you think I am overreacting, you are mistaken. But, maybe you are right. Maybe I don't understand what it feels like to be happy, and wherefore I can't comprehend what it is like to be normal.
I can't just forget it and 'get over it'
When I'm living it.
Your struggle is heart breaking. Do you do something to let out some of the emotions? Journaling? Meditation? I hope you find safety from your father one day
The only thing I have to let out my emotions is this app... And I am legally obliged to visit my father every summer, spring, as well as every other birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. He even insists on having us drive for fourteen hours, visit him for about twelve hours, then drive 14 hours back every fall break. On the way to visit him, we drive with six people in a seven seated car, and on the way back, five people in a five seated car.
Luckily, we only have to visit him until we turn eighteen... But that means my little brother will be going there alone for about three years...
Are you close to your siblings?
Kind of... I'm the only girl out of three boys, and they're... Not the nicest siblings in the world... Again, all thanks to my dad.
I think you should journal your thoughts. Write them down when it's especially hard for you. It helps with the weight you're holding
Thanks for the advice... I'll make sure to try it.
It helps for awhile but idk I get bored with shit easily
Oh, and you don't have to make sense of what yoy write down. It's just to vent. It doesn't matter that it's dark and you're writing, or you cant make sense if what you wrote the next day. It's all about unleashing your hurt and anger on a piece of paper
That makes sense