I have an ugly vagina. No man will ever love me.


So do I
There's nothing as ugly vagina. Vaginas come in different shapes and
If a man decides whether or not he loves you based on your vagina, you shouldn't be with that person.
Agree with Land Snail
Vaginas are different when it comee y
For everyone
(Accidentally sent the previous message.)
Do you perhaps watch porn?
You'll definitely get to see many types of vagina's through porn
But then porn is the reason many women start thinking their body isn't pretty, including vaginas. They compare themselves
Depends on the viewer too, I guess
Hmm very true. But you learn a lot too. When I was younger, I felt awfully embarrassed of my boob's since they point outward. It was only through porn did I realise that mine is not abnormal
That's good. There are different shapes of breasts though. One should know that or taught that
Yes. Unfortunately when I was in school that weren't really keen on teaching such stuff in detail. It's a shame reallyreally
Yep. I guess I'm lucky that I've always been satisfied with my body, although I do have insecurities here and there. (Like my rather big butt, XD)
Yes you're one of the lucky ones TBH
For me, depression made everything seem worse. I still have trouble accepting myself but I'm very much ahead of where I was before
I never really cared whether I was pretty or not. I have to thank the people I live amongst too. Beauty doesn't really matter when you're a kid.
I promise you this: every single vagina on earth looks like the motherfucking promise land to just about every single heterosexual man on earth. Men do not give a flying fuck about how your vagina feels. They want it clean and they want it tight....and those are both things you can control yourself. I'm a 40 yr old woman and I've been with hundreds of men. Trust me. They don't see it the way you see it.
Oops I meant they don't give a flying fuck about how your vagina looks