I hate the fact men shout at you to "teach you some manners," instead of talk to you politely with good logic. That a loud voice is equal to being masculine. I am scared I will end up with a person who thinks like that.


I hate you person who thinks they can talk to me only and solely when they want even when it is fuckin obvious we are having a fuckin conversation
Ugh, I hate it when people do that
At least they can tell that they're busy or something instead of ignoring
Right? I mean I would and always do understand
Another thing i dislike is that you have to initiate conversations
I know right. Like how about you say something first. Also this one person i know will send me like an article or something and then think it's enough and literally not even discuss it at all
Have you told them you don't like this attitude
Haha yeah. They shrug it off as a shortcoming. Not willing to work on it.
Maaaaan. Why are they like this?
You don't have to put up with that