I hate the fact men shout at you to "teach you some manners," instead of talk to you politely with good logic. That a loud voice is equal to being masculine. I am scared I will end up with a person who thinks like that.


don‘t be scared, if that‘s what happens to you then break up with him and find someone you deserve girl
You're right. But sometimes you don't see the true self of someone until you are married. I'm probably just worrying. Thanks for the message :-)
you‘re welcome and I‘n sure god won‘t let you end up with someone like that, you‘re too good for men like that :)
Aaaw, thanks. Yup, God doesn't put people in your life to make you suffer, but to make you learn. I trust God. Another reminder! Thanks again
you‘re welcome!!
Scientifically speaking, logic is not a good way to win any argument.
People do shout when they get very angry. Was he angry?
I should have used the words persuasion and openmindedness. I was not in an actual argument, just frustrated that there are men who think that raising their voices is a way to "teach" another person.